Red Square

Red Square

RED SQUARE is a Yume Nikki Fan Game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy, created in 6 weeks for the 2019 Dream Diary Jam.

It is written entirely in NEC V810 assembly, with programming by Kresna and graphics by Nyrator.

Play as Nina and explore her dreams, collecting various effects along the way. Once all 4 effects have been collected the ending becomes available.

Mednafen is the emulator we recommend for playing Red Square. RetroArch can also use Mednafen as a core for playing Virtual Boy games. Other emulators may work but have not been confirmed.

Care had been made when programming to try and ensure real hardware compatibility. The game has been hardware tested by community members and is reported to work.

Download Red Square

The source code for Red Square is also available for free and is licensed under the permissive ZLIB license. For information regarding the license, please read the included LICENSE file.

The source is designed to be assembled with Intelligent System’s ISAS and ISLK assembler and linker package.

Download Source