Dreamcast Development

Bellow are some personal Dreamcast/VMU projects and Dreamcast development tools and resources.


To get started with VMU development, I recommend the following resources (in no particular order):


My Dreamcast VMU projects

A simple drawing library for the Sega VMU. Released January 2019.

Perspective uses VMU WRAM as a frame buffer before drawing to XRAM. It comes with simple background and sprite drawing macros. The macro system is designed to be used with the Waterbear assembler. It also comes with 5 short demos which can be scrolled through with the A Button.

Special thanks to Nyrator, who created many of the beautiful demo graphics.

Download Here: LibPerspective V0.1
md5sum: 73caf7254aa1019d18cee9c03a739f6c
Released for the Dream Diary Jam 2018.

Inspired by my Dreamcast interest and overlap with a friend talking about the Yume Nikki Dream Diary Jam, I felt like a NASU clone could be a good entry into VMU programming. Created in the span of a few weeks, I've reached the goals I set out to achieve.

Special thanks to Nyrator, Saturn, Bubsy, and all the people of the DDJ discord.

Download Here: NvmU website