Game Boy Development

I enjoy developing for the Nintendo Game Boy line of systems. Below are some of my creations and some development resources.


For playing roms, I recommend using BGB, developed and maintained by Beware.

Console-tan Christmas Special
Released for the Christmas of 2014.

This game was a short demo hacked together with the progress I had made on the Console-tan RPG engine I was developing. Lots of help came in from different people in the community, with some making graphics, writing the script, and designing maps. The ending screen was drawn by Nyrator.

md5sum: 201e2be15fac9b9a9d2784d12040a840
Console-tan Adventure Demo
Last release: 23/12/2014.

The final result of my first serious Game Boy project. An RPG featuring Console-tans. Though the engine is rough and unfinished I learnt a lot from making it. Thanks to all the people of early CTT, it was great.

Download Here: TAN_RPG_20141223-1347.GB
md5sum: 333410aede7373ff16d938f2bf2ceeaf